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To Help You Cope with Cancer

We offer a wide-range of specialty Chemotherapy and Radiation Products to assist you during cancer therapy like:

Skin products...

to help you during your chemo and radiation therapies

  • Skin moisturizers...help keep skin healthy, hydrated and encourage natural healing.
  • Deodorant...non-metallic or aluminum . proven effective and recommended by oncologists.
  • Scalp and hair shampoo...gentle to hair and helps soothe tender, itchy scalp that may occur during hairloss process.
  • Nail care products...to help with dehydration and maintain strength.
  • Promote hair growth after cancer therapies, FDA approved.

Other Products

  • Sleep caps...to help prevent heat loss during sleep.
  • Nylon stretch caps...to help prevent wig slipping.
  • Wig stand...allows air circulation for quick drying
  • Wig care products...to provide the ultimate care for your wig
  • Hats with hair, bangs, add-ons...to give you other options when you don't want to wear your wig.

Come see our extensive selections, hand picked from world-renowned manufacturers, so we can offer you the latest in fashion, fit and comfort.

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